Director - CME (Officiating) & Professor, AIMA

Dr. Ganesh Singh is Director (Officiating) and Professor in HRM Area at Centre for Management Education – All India Management Association (AIMA), an apex body for management profession in India.

Dr. Singh has extensive experience in teaching, training, editing, research, consultancy, academic administration & institution building activities. He has published many research articles and designed, developed & delivered numerous training programs covering areas such as ‘Team Building’, ‘Productive Thinking’, ‘Developing Core Values for Organisational Excellence’, ‘Excellence through Positive Attitude and Motivation’, ‘Managerial Effectiveness’, ‘Recent Advances in HRM’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace’, ‘Sustainability Management’, ‘Designing Organisation for Performance’, ‘Executive Coaching and Mentoring’ etc.

At AIMA, he has been playing a pivotal role in the designing and development of Industry relevant skills based ‘New Age Courses’ for management professionals. He has organised numerous capacity building workshops for doctoral educators and students in the field of management research. He has successfully facilitated completion of research projects on contemporary themes such as ‘Social & Economic Impact of Digital Transformation in India’, ‘Industry 4.0: India Inc. Gearing up for Change’, ‘How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping jobs in India’ and ‘Disruptive Technologies that can transform India’. As a member, he has contributed to AIMA’s taskforce on ‘Management Education in India’ which was set up in the year 2014 and 2020 to develop a strategy paper for submission to the Union Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

He has a special interest in the study of Diversity & Inclusion at the Workplace, Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility and Social Enterprises. He has co-authored a monograph on ‘Gender Equity in the Boardroom: The Case of India’ published by Emerald Publishing.

Dr. Singh has participated in International Teachers Program (ITP) – 2015 organized by the International Schools of Business Management at China Europe International Business School at Beijing & Shanghai. He also serves as jury member for AIMA’s Innovation Practitioners Award and has served on National Institute for Personnel Management jury for National Award for Best HR Practices.