Director - Corporate Communications, AIMA

Ms. Smita Das is a communications and media professional with experience in both Internal/External Communication and Advertising. She is currently Director - Corporate Communications at All India Management Association, the apex body of the management profession in India. Smita spearheads the communication strategy at AIMA and is responsible for design and delivery of all of AIMA’s communication strategies – internal, external and corporate. She built and launched AIMA’s social media campaign – online communities, blog site, web site etc.

Before working with AIMA Smita was Manager - Corporate Communications with HCL and led the Internal Communications team across 10 centers in Noida and Chennai and led many initiatives including the revamp of the intranet for all sites. Prior to that she was Art Director with J Walter Thomson, one of the world’s premier advertising agencies, where she worked on advertising/branding strategies for various multinational brands, including the campaign strategy and brand positioning for each.