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The Best e-Procurement Systems for Public Procurement

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Selecting the right e-procurement system is always a long-lasting puzzle in public institutions, PIUs and International Organizations. In the world of Public Procurement there are 24 rules to evaluate your procurement software against. If your e-procurement system encompasses 75% - 80% of these rules, you can consider you have a good product. If...

Procurement of Art Works and Related Services in Public or International Organizations

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Imagine your entity wants to raise awareness and intends to organize an exhibition of photographs that demonstrate a specific topic. For example, human trafficking, or daily challenges of people with disabilities, or people with Alzheimer disease, or cancer survivors, or else. And, naturally, each photographer has her/his own price for...

Do Not Miss Expiry Dates of Your Contracts

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How do you monitor expiry dates of your contracts? Procurement professionals love framework contracts. The ones that last for 36 or 48 or more months. And it is indeed very convenient, you organize a tender once and then you simply manage the contract for years. But sometimes we got used to established supply chain, regular, recurring deliveries...

Why e-Procurement Fails in Public Sector, NGOs and PIUs

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There are dozens of e-Procurement products in the market, yet those products fail when it comes to working in public sector or development world. There are reasons behind this failure. Normally, public procurement learns best practice from the private sector and corporate purchasing. While corporate world indeed can teach a lot in various areas,...

Procurement with Cryptocurrencies

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On 12 March 2018 Procurement Network announced that it would procure cryptocurrencies for its clients, however limiting the choice to the three popular ones: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH). This announcement had been predicted by many and expected by all. Clients normally outsource procurement of complex goods, works and services to...

Procurement has a “seat at the high table” in Australia

Submitted by : A K Kalesh Kumar, Capacity Building Coordinator, Governance Global Practice, The World Bank

In April 2015, I coordinated a World Bank PIO South Asia sponsored Procurement Knowledge Exchange Program for heads of Procurement from South Asian countries to Australia. We visited visited Australian Commonwealth Government, Canberra; Government of Australian Capital Territory, Canberra; Government of Victoria, Melbourne; and Government of...